Who We Are



la·ti·nus [luh-tee-nuhs]


Latinos, Latinas, and Latinx by ancestry, proud of our roots, who are experiencing life and building a future in the United States.

People call us by many names. And yet, we can come from a Latin American country (Latinos) and not speak Spanish (Hispanics). We can speak Spanish and be born in the United States. And what about Afro-Latinos? If gender neutrality is relevant to our personal experience, then we are Latinx. We can be all, some or none. This diverse terminology can get confusing.

We are choosing to define our community based on what we are experiencing now.

We are people of Latin descent who may or may not speak Spanish. We are immigrants or descendants of immigrants who can identify with our ancestors’ immigration journeys. We are splitting our identity between two cultures: expressing our latinidad (latinity) and belonging within the American context.

We are LatinUS