About Us

We need an easy way to connect with resources and as a community.

We believe LATINUS can be a catalyst of cross-pollination.

According to the 2020 census, 8.2% of the Indiana population is made up of Hispanics or Latinos, representing a 42.2% increase in just one decade. In Marion county, that number increases to 13.2%.

There are several private, public and non-profit organizations that work on meeting the needs of this community. This includes access to social services, educational resources, employment opportunities and language support. Although their efforts are valued and needed, they are not enough.

Several things get in the way for community members to access resources, including language barriers, user-friendly digital experiences, and mistrust. Organizations also face struggles, including high demand for services, funding competition, brand penetration and lack of representation in executive-level positions.

We believe community groups and supporting organizations can come together to help empower Hispanics or Latinos to access the many opportunities our state has to offer.